New Mexico Private/ Public land Hunting Elk,Deer,Oryx,Ibex,Turkey,Antelope,sheep bear,lion
New Mexico Big Game Information

DEADLINE FOR THE DRAW AND PROCEDURES For the 2018-2019 hunting season for Elk,Deer,Pronghorn Antelope,Oryx, Ibex,Javelina and Bighorn Sheep is March 21, 2018 PM. Notification of success is available April 25th 2018. All Applications Will Be Done Paperless Either On-line Or By Phone or in person at game asnd fish locations .  All Applicants Must Have There CIN Number And Game And Fish Account .Also Make sure Your outfitter Did His Renewals By The deadline Date to Be able to get You In the Outfitters Pool Late Registration will Not Ensure Your Application To Be in The 10% Outfitters Pool ,only legal registered outfitters can use the outfitters pool.Full Payment Of License Are Required  Credit Card, Debit Cards Or Electronic Checks Only.All applicants wanting to be in the outfitters pool to increase your odds in the  drawing must have a signed  contract with the outfitter prior to being put into the draw and with the outfitter they are going to hunt with prior to submitting there application STCOUTFITTING does all your paperwork to ensure it is all done correct and in on time at no charge.All non resident and resident hunters must purchase a game hunting license  non resident fee fir it is $65.00 to be eligible for the draw hunt public or private land and also required to be able to purchase licensce on landowner tags if unsuccessful in the draw that fee will be refunded, the 13.00 application fee stills apply to process you app for non resident's and will not be refunded  the 9.00 fee for  your 2 Stamps required  HMAS and habitat is required if drawn also.(Cow Anterless Elk hunts)  can not be drawn  by non residents  landowner tags must be used for these hunts only for either private or public lands.

Deadline for elk deer antelope and turkey licensce holders from previous licensce year is February 15 2018 . If this is not done you will not be eligible to put in for any public or private land hunts in the 2018-2019 hunting season YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE REJECTED.This same process apply to furbearer hunters and trappers, ibex, javalena  and oryx there deadline is April 7 2018 if not  done your application will be rejected in the draw process.You may do this by calling NMDG&F at 1(888)248-6866 for further info and you may also report on there web sight at  If this is not done, it will jeopardize your draw status for the 2018-2019 hunting season and your draw application for any hunt will be rejected ..

MOBILITY IMPAIRED HUNTERS Must have there Card from the state  prior to submitting your application for the draw for the year desired STCOUTFITTING can assist you with the process if you need help .For additional info or for the physician forms you must have completed you may call NMG&F at 1-505-476-8087 or go to there web sight at www.wildlife.state.nm.u     MOBILITY IMPAIRED HUNTERS MAY USE A CROSS BOWs ON BOW HUNTS. or other hunts as a lesser weaspon if you choose to.

STC OUTFITTING is also a federal firearms licensed dealerand can help with most of your firearm needs, We also sale archery equipment ,hunting supplies ,camping supplies ,gps equip,optics,and ammunition, and can get much more so if you have any special request please ask we may be able to assist you in your needs whether they are big or small.STC OUTFITTING is also a bonded notary in the state of New Mexico and can assist you with all your notary needs.Lee-Ann My wife  is very well up to date on the surrounding area attractions and local events besides being our cook and house host at camp so please feel free to e mail us at   or  or call or fax us at 1-575-687-4006 Mobile phones (575)430-1682 (575)430-2116 with any Questions you may have. THANK YOU STEVE and LEE-ANN CONNOR

STC OUTFITTING Also Offers Other Services.STC OUTFITTING is proud to be a licensed outfitter with NMG&F and in current good standing with all requirements with them and also hold the same status with the US forest service and stand current with all permits and required insurances. We also are in good standing with all our great landowners which allow us to provide our clients with landowner tags whether they be unit wide or for private land hunting. We here at STCOUTFITTING will also Tailor your hunt to meet your needs whether it be a big or small request. We can customize all hunts to include less services or more on all our hunts if agreed prior to your hunt with the outfitter. This will vary your price so if you wish to lodge your self and feed yourself let us know we can accommodate that and give you a lower price hunt With their same great quality in the field. We will not cut guiding all hunts are full guided .We also will rent our lodge facility to hunting parties through out the hunts or in the off season if we are not using it. Please call with any Questions you may have. We also have  unit wide and private landowner tags available for purchase for Elk deer antelope to be able to guarantee your hunt so please ask if looking for any if we don't have them for the unit you are searching for we may be able to find them to put yur hunt together.We at STCOUTFITTING can also guide All species of game Large and small..We at STCOUTFITTING also welcome non hunters at a $200.00per day and airport pickup and drop off  ask for pricing on this service .We also offer year around lodge rental, cold storage, pack out service and caping and quarting of your game call for prices.We would like to thank you for letting us be your full service Resident outfitter for all your needs in New Mexico.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  THANK YOU Steve And Lee-Ann Connor

STC Outfitting Draw Procedure Deadline for all big game is March 21, 2018  for the 2018-2019 Seasons.Upon Completing all necessary contracts and selecting your hunt dates and options please enclose a deposit to STC Outfitting in the amount of $500.00 if it is for a draw hunt.If you wish us to hold you a landowner tag to guarantee your hunt  if unsuccessful in the draw enclose $1500.00 to STC Outfitting(landowner tags are limited so confirm availability with outfitter) Also enclose a seperate check to STC Outfitting For your full licence amount or credit card info so we can use it for your licence fees . New Mexico Game and Fish require a purchase of a 65.00 game license fee to be paid at time of application to qualify you for the draw. If you did not drawn it will be refunded, or kept should you plan to hunt NM on any other hunts. If you are successful in the draw 50% of balance is due at that time, with the remainder due 45 days prior to your hunt.Once drawn deposit and license fees are non refundable The $9.00 HMAS and Habitat Stamp Fee will be added after the draw. If you are not drawn and do not want a landowner tag (guaranteed hunt) STC Outfitting will refund your deposit and license fee minus the $13.00 non resident and $8.00 resident fee that the state of New Mexico keeps, within 90 days or if you wish to guarantee STC Outfittings hunt price for the next year to come  or transfer to other hunts that are available for that year public or private to hold prices for next year you must leave your deposit with us.. Please call with any questions you may have we are more than happy to assist you in any way during this process.STC Outfitting does not charge for assisting you with the draw to hunt with us , A signed contract must be in our possession prior to putting you in for the draw in order to get you in the outfitters pool .We look forward to assisting you with any questions you may have.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Thanks Steve And Lee Ann Connor