New Mexico Private/ Public land Hunting Elk,Deer,Oryx,Ibex,Turkey,Antelope,sheep bear,lion
Elk Hunting New Mexico UNIT 34 Sacramento Mountains

P. O. Box 396 Cloudcroft, N.M 88317
Phone/ Fax (575) 687-4006 cell 575-430-1682   575-430-2116
Elk Hunts for 2018-2019 License Year

Archery Elk(Draw)               
LICENSE        DATES                              1X2 Guide                           1X1 Guide
UNIT 34 (ES)HD  200            9/1- 9/14                               $4000.00                              $4500.00
UNIT 34 (ES)HD  200                9/15 -9/24                             $4000.00                              $4500.00
These hunts are any 6 days in the period listed above Additional days can be arranged at time of booking for $400.00 per day.

Mobility Impaired Elk (Draw) One non hunter may come at no charge to assist hunter
UNIT 34 (ES) S50                                10/06-10/10                           $3750.00                               $4250.00
New Mexico MI Certificate Required hunt same dates as youth hunt

Youth (Under 18 Elk Draw)One non hunter to come and assist and act as guardian for hunter at no charge
UNIT 34 (S) 75 ES non res/ S120A  resident   10/6-10/10                         $3750.00                            $4250.00
Youth hunts may be applied as a either sex for non residents and residents,  resident may apply for anterless hunts

Muzzle-loader Elk (Draw)
UNIT 34 (MB) HD250                              10/13-10/17                        $3750.00                               $4250.00
Rifle Elk (Draw)
UNIT 34 (MB) S150                          10/20-10/24                            $3750.00                                $4250.00
Draw cow Hunts only Available For Residents of New Mexico
UNIT 34(A) S300      11/24-11/28                             $2500.00                                $2900.00
UNIT34(A) S300                            12/01-12/05                            $2500.00                               $2900.00
UNIT34(A) S300                            12/08-12/12                            $2500.00                                $2900.00
Non Residents can not draw a cow hunt they  Must Use Landowner Tags To Prices Same As Above Plus Landowner Tag add on call for pricing

Late Season Elk Opportunities in Unit 34  LIMITED AVAILABILITY
(APRE6) S200                             12/15-12/19                            $3750.00                               $4250.00
*Rifle(A)Youth      S80                TO BE DETERMINED                       $2500.00                               $2900.00                                                                          
 RESIDENTS ONLY That Were  Unsucessful in draw for 14 days after Draw Results posted
Elk Hunt Opportunities are available in a few possible ways.
Public Land Draw deadline is March 21, 2018 for the 2018-2019 License Year
-We can obtain your license by putting you into the draw with the state of New Mexico in the outfitters pool and take our chances on the draw to obtain your license. License fees for non-resident for High Demand(HD) hunts are $782.00, plus a $9.00 Habitat stamp HMAS stampand the $65.00 non game fee. License fees for non resident STANDARD(S) license is $557.00 plus a $9.00 Habitat stamp and HMAS stamp and the $65.00 n0n game fee. Cow license(A) fees are $347.00 plus a $9.00 Habitat stamp and HMAS stamp and a $65.00 non game fee.If not drawn all refundable from the state except the application fee of $13.00  for non resident and $9.00 for resident Guaranteed License tags Public Land and Private land -Mature Bull ,Anterless And Either Sex We have in a limited number available of unit wide and privatre land  landowner tags that allows us to guarantee your hunt. Please call and request Information on these possibilities to hunt   guaranteed with these tags NO DRAW is required. 6.3125% sales tax added to all landowner tags.

Private land Guaranteed LicensePrivate land hunts are available and vary in price and services please request information on these hunts.These hunts are on a first come first serve basis.Private land hunts require a landowner permit be used and no draw required you will be restricted to hunting only deeded acreage the tag allows.These hunts must purchase a $5.00 HMAS Stamp along With your License.Most Private Land license fees are $557.00 for standard and $782.00 for Quality.A $65.00 non game licensce is also required.

Mobility Impaired -Hunters must apply With NMG@F to receive their card for the 2018-2019 prior to your application put in .call (505)476-8087  or  for more details. or we can assist with getting you the application. 

• Prices include guide, meals and lodging unless otherwise stated on your contract. Some combo hunts are available if dates overlap.
• State licenses, sales tax 6/3.25%, and gratuities are not included in the above pricing .
• STC will take care of all your draw paperwork with the state, and take care of receiving your License and all necessary tags with no additional fee
                                                                                                                                                                                           Specializing in New Mexico Trophy’s