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Deer Hunts for 2023-2024  License Year

Mule Deer Draw     License                       Dates                       1x2Guide              1x1Guide

Archery (UNIT 29)   100 FAD             1/1/24-1/15/24               $4300.00(6 days)       $4800/00(6 days) 

Rifle      (UNIT29)                 150 FAD                  10/28/23-11/1/23           $4300.00                    $4800.00 

Rifle      (UNIT29)                 150FAD                   11/11/23-11/15/23          $4300.00                   $4800.00

Archery (UNIT 34S)         450 FAD      9/1/23-9/24/23          $4300.00(6 days)    $4800.00 (6 days)

Archery (UNIT 34SS)       350 FAD 1/1/24-1/15/24        $4300.00 (5 days)      $4800.00 (6 days)

Muzzleloader (UNIT 34       340 FAD    11/04/23-11/08/23         $4300.00                    $4800.00 

 Mobility impared  Youth (UNIT34S) 45 MI 50    10/28/23-11/01/23         $4300.00                    $4800.00

Rifle (UNIT 34)         650S                      11/11/23-11/15/23         $4300.00                    $4800.00

 Rifle (UNIT 34)               650S 11/18/23-11/22/23        $4300.00          $4800.00


2023 /2024 No Draw Private Land Hunts Guaranteed License (Limited number of hunts available) Theses hunt prices can vary  on pricing depending services and ranch hunting

Mule Deer Private Land                     Dates                                1x2Guide                1x1Guide

Archery                                 call for available dates and units       $5000.00(6 days)     $5400.00 (6 days)

ML                                        call for available dates and units        $4900.00                 $5200.00(5 days)

Rifle                                      call for dates and available units        $4900.00                 $5200.00(5 days)

 Prices may vary depending or ranches and location call for more info

Public Land Draw Deadline is March 22, 2023 5PM for the 2023-2024 License Year. STC Outfitting is hunting unit 34 public land and draw for your license. Non-resident license fees for standard hunts are $270.00, and a $9.00 Habitat and HMAS stamp fee and a $65.00 general license fee. Non-resident license fees for Quality or high demand hunts are $355.00 license fee, a $9.00 Habitat and HMAS stamp fee. A $65.00 general license must be purchased to apply in draw to hunt private land in addition to your other license.

2022/2023 Private Land (Guaranteed License)STC Outfitting is hunting high various terrain depending on unit. Hunt fees for license standard $283.00 and Quality $368.00, plus $9.00 stamp fee, $65.00 fee for general license. Please call for additional details and info on these hunts. There is a limited number available and will fill fast.

• Prices include guide, meals and lodging unless other wise stated on your contract. Some combo hunts are available if dates overlap. 
• State licenses, sales tax 6.3125%, and gratuities are not included in the above pricing.
• STC will take care of all your draw paperwork with the state,  and take care of receiving your License and all necessary tags with no additional fees

 NON-HUNTERS $150.00 per day (includes meals and lodging)